Lettering Workshop

I have a lettering obsession. Maybe it's not an obsession exactly. Maybe it's more of a compulsion. Yes. I have a compulsion to letter. I'll letter anything and everything that could benefit (or not) from a little dressing up. It's such an easy way to add a little beauty to everyday things. You can see some of my handiwork at the bottom of this post. And what better way to add more of it to the world than to share it with others? So on Monday, February 11 I will be hosting a workshop at the Makery. We’ll be getting out the paints, inks, pens and brushes and then we'll letter away. I would love to see you there so if this sounds like the perfect way to spend a Monday night just give the Makery a shout to sign up. You can click here for all of the information.


Favourite Days

The days leading up to Christmas are some of my favourite days of the year.

Secret presents are in the midst of creation. The doors are closed. The air is full of conspiratorial whispers.
Shouts of NO!Don'tcomeinhere! ring through the house. And the glances that hint at the secrets shared with some but not with others are seen from time to time.

I was a target of a few of these secret afternoons. Emily monogrammed towels for the entire family. Geneva made me a felted coaster. She must know how much I love to have toast with my tea. And Agatha made me a beautiful set of earrings. There's nothing like the gift of handmade from the creative minds of those three cuties.


Yarn Fetish

Despite my love for knitting I don't have a yarn fetish. I don't hoard balls of yarn and I don't have a stash. I do, however, have a dog with a yarn fetish. She seems powerless to the draw of a ball of yarn. The faintest hint of sheep and she is gone. Handmade and store-bought bear no distinction for that one. Balls of unopened yarn, mittens, sweaters, hats, finished, unfinished. It doesn't seem to matter. But it turns out that pom poms are the mother of all finds for a yarn obsessed canine. It must feel like floss between her teeth and unlike most people, the thought of flossing sends her into a tizzy and she must, must, get a hold of that yarn. She attacks and pulls each fibre shaking it loose from her steely jaws again and again until the satisfaction of having totally destroyed and distributed the fibres to the four corners of the room leaves her exhausted and totally satisfied. Agatha's beloved hat was the find of the century. Three pom poms in one location. Woohooo! Luckily we have become experts in the art of pom pom repair. Everything is back to normal but that dog is a ticking time bomb. There's no telling what her next target will be.


Stella and Smidge

It was two years ago today that we brought Stella home. It was snowing like crazy and the girls got to come home early from school so we all drove out together. It was a year ago (on Christmas Eve) that we brought Smidge home for Stella. Even after a year of shenanigans I maintain that two dogs are better than one. They're also cute. Which is especially helpful when they rip open the garbage and spread it around the house. But now that I have my new lens those two seem to have gotten even cuter. I just hope this doesn't mean they're going to be getting into the kind of trouble that requires an even cuter face.


A New View



I've had a few cameras over the years and only two have allowed for interchangable lenses but having a specialty lens for my camera always seemed like an extravagance I couldn't justify. Especially when the lens that came with the camera took pretty darn good pictures. That didn't keep me from longing after the ones I felt would change my life. Words like zoom and macro and protrait lens weaving their way through my wish list. After I broke the auto focus on my standard lens the longing for a new lens turned into more of an obsession. An obsession that turned into a reality when Brad wrapped one up for me for Christmas. They didn't have one in stock so he made a mock up. That man is a mock-up making pro and if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't work, I think it would be my favourite of the two.

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