NYC Bicycles

I can take pictures of bicycles forever so why I only have these four is a mystery. Just look at that last one! Why didn't I take more? Why?

What I did instead was rent a bike and ride around Central Park. Besides the travel migraine and the horribly out of shape body, it was one of the best things I did that week. It is a stunning, fast-paced view of one of the most beautiful parks ever created. I highly recommend renting a bike (preferably from a legitimate bicycle renter and not some street bum trying to rent out his transportation to feed his smoking habit) and hitting the bike lane.

The worst thing I did that week was to take a gel cap migraine pill without the help of water. After 15 minutes of trying to build up enough spit to wash that gigantic sucker down, a soft spot develped and caved in. The resulting liquid in my mouth caused me to gag, choke and lose all feeling on one side of my mouth for half an hour. I highly recommend the glass of water.



It was on the life list.
Visit New York City.
I went in May and I loved it.
The love was almost instant.
And it was a head over heels affair.

New York is a city of contradiction. Too many people. Not enough people. Concrete. Trees. Garbage. Food. Expensive suits. Rags. Stench. Perfume. Wealth. Poverty. Obstructed vision. Mile-long vistas. History. Brand spanking newness.

And this contradiction surrounded me in every square inch that I occupied. It could flip from one to the other in less than a second. Sometimes I could see it coming and others I was blind-sided. And I think it's this constant contradiction that creates that electricity most people associate with New York. That place is alive. And there is no better way to feel alive and be inspired than to surround yourself with it and immerse yourself in it. Even it's only for 5 days once in your lifetime.

I took a lot of pictures. About 800. Ahem. And averaging over 100 a day seemed like a lot until I compared it to my recollections. I should have taken more. But with my camera plastered to my face I would have experienced less. Another contradiction.

I will be posting a lot of pictures of NYC in the next little while. I might end up smothering you with them but it will be a nice alternative to the stagnant air that has been filling this space as of late.


All That Talent

It's hard to believe that it was one week ago that I piled the car with garlands, prints, bookmarks and canning labels and set up shop at the Halifax Crafters Society's Spring Fair. It was my first time doing a big show like that and it was a blast.

The thing that struck me most throughout the entire weekend was the amount of raw talent they can fit under one roof. There really is something for everyone. I had my eye on so many things it was nearly impossible to narrow the list down.

Some of my favourites from the show include: Hello Daylight (who doesn't love a good bike poster?) Bespoke Uprising (linen tea towels with the sweetest designs), Wanderlust (satisfying my new hankie obsession), Anna Taylor (maker of the gorgeous HFX embroidery), Heart and Hook (she makes me want to fill my home with terrariums), Kyla Francis (how did I walk away without a mug?), Sweet on Ewe (her antique sock knitting machine stole my heart) and Honeyspoon Baking Co (for the name alone and the fact that she has the best granola anywhere). There were more. So many more and each one is worth taking a look at. The full list of vendors can be found here.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my spot to have a look, share letterpress stories, give lovely compliments or take a few goodies home. It was a great weekend.


Halifax Crafters

Sometimes it's a bit of a mystery how I can go three weeks without putting something new in this space. Not this time. This time I know exactly why I've been away. I have been designing, printing and packaging like a madwoman in order to be ready for the Halifax Crafters Show that's happening on May 4 and 5. There are going to be a lot of amazing vendors there. Keep an eye on my facebook page where I'll be sharing some of the featured artists.

I'm really excited to be a part of this year's spring fair. I hope to see you there.


Happy Easter

Easter seems to mark the end of the dull and dreary and the start of the bright and colourful. The chocolate's not bad either.

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