Halifax Crafters

Sometimes it's a bit of a mystery how I can go three weeks without putting something new in this space. Not this time. This time I know exactly why I've been away. I have been designing, printing and packaging like a madwoman in order to be ready for the Halifax Crafters Show that's happening on May 4 and 5. There are going to be a lot of amazing vendors there. Keep an eye on my facebook page where I'll be sharing some of the featured artists.

I'm really excited to be a part of this year's spring fair. I hope to see you there.


Happy Easter

Easter seems to mark the end of the dull and dreary and the start of the bright and colourful. The chocolate's not bad either.


Blue Light Magic

I love cosmic bowling almost as much as my camera does.



February wasn't particularly exciting. The days were short and the workload was big. I didn't think I had any good pictures to show you from the daily drudge that was this past month but a funny thing happens when you take a picture every day and group them together. They tell the same story in a different way. They talk about quiet nights wrapped up in warm clothes, pizza dinners with pop cooled on the window sill and short days enveloped by a thick layer of snow. That's just how I like February to be.


Easter Egg Garlands

  It's March Break and the rain is starting to fall. Our chandelier is bare and in desperate need of some colour. It's the perfect time to colour some new eggs and decorate for Easter. 

The Easter Egg Garlands are on sale again at Inkwell in Halifax, Dots & Loops in Lunenburg and can be shipped worldwide from my little online store.

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