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Post A Letter Social Activity Club

If you live in Toronto and you like to write letters then you should definitely check out the Post A Letter Social Activity Club. I found it on the Bonjour! blog. She has taken some great pictures of the event. It's totally worth a peek. They hold it at the NACO Gallery and Cafe. I think I need to put on my list of places to go next time I'm in Toronto.



I would like to introduce you to Stella, our brand new used dog.

I've always wanted a dog. It was part of my master plan. In the way that some girls dream about their wedding day, I dreamed about having a dog. In high school my friend and I had a saying: just a dog and a house. We felt those two things alone would bring us the best kind of happiness. We weren't too worried about boys. We didn't feel that they were necessary. A bonus, maybe. But not necessary. We've both adjusted our plan to include one very special boy but she's had a dog for a lot longer than me. I never gave up on having a dog but it became a more abstract part of the plan.

Then last week, out of the blue, the way these kinds of things always come out of the blue, we were introduced to Shankley. He is one of the best dogs I've ever met. He came from the shelter and wouldn't you know it, there were two more sweet little beagles just sitting at the shelter waiting for a good home. It turns out that I have no personal restraint and I zoomed out to the shelter the very next day. That was pretty much it. I was smitten. The rest of the family came with me the day after that and there was no going back. We were all smitten.

We picked her up today and she's perfect.


The Business Plan

There was a time when I thought these were the two most unholy words in the English language: Business Plan. I didn't have one and I was too embarrassed to admit the trouble I was having with trying to make one. I just couldn't wrap my head around the boring vocabulary or the need to beat out every scrap of competition in order to succeed. It turned out that all I needed was a different point of view. A different way to answer the same questions. It seems obvious to me now, that as a visual person I needed to approach the plan in a visual way, but it wasn't at the time. I had tried the traditional plan but ended up being an expert in procrastination instead. I was at the end of my rope. I was out of ideas. I had no business plan but I knew I still needed one. So when Jenn Lee and her online class entered my radar, I knew I had to at least try it. It turned out to be the best business decision I ever made. Jenn Lee knows her stuff, and just as important, she knows about people like me. People who don't fit into the traditional mold of business owner but who really want to succeed.

The Right-Brain Business Plan is worth checking out. Even if you already have a business plan, it's nice to see how other people are handling spreadsheets, financial goals, revenue and expenses and how they're applying it in a way that's not only visual but inspiring. Being excited about my own business and waking up every day with optimism instead of dread is an unbelievably good turn of events for me.

If you would like to read more specifically about what the class did for me or see how my business plan exists in my space, I've been featured in the Right-Brain Business Plan Spotlight this week. Thanks Jenn!


If Only My Initials Were E.A.

A business card should be more than just a piece of paper. But I was storing mine in my purse pocket and in the back of my day-timer. Life with lint bunnies hardly suggest the pride I take in my work. But a good business card holder is hard to find.

Lucky for me, my husband is a gift-giver extraordinaire. He found this antique silver cigarette box that was handmade in Russia. It's beautiful. I could stare at it for hours. It's also the perfect size. I really love when beautiful things that would likely be delegated to the back of a drawer are given a purpose. I love it even more when that purpose has anything to do with paper.


The Christmas Card

Our family has put together a Christmas card every year since Emily was born. Well, except for last year. We were a little too busy to plan a card. But other than that, we've done it every year. This was the first year that I printed the card letterpress-style.

This year's card was all about snow, wooly scarves and carrot noses. I find that ironic since we haven't had any snow here. Not even enough to make a snowball, never mind a snowman. But maybe that's why it was so much fun to make. My favourite part is his little orange nose and how it matches the envelope.

I've added it to the portfolio. Have a peek.