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July 2016

1. July begins with strawberry picking. It just wouldn't be right not to include them.

2. I love that it looks like the clouds are jumping over the chimney.

3. If the clouds were putting on a show, the moon had a good seat.

4. There is a lot of possibility in a road that winds its way into the woods and disappears.

5. It's probably a sign of poor health and impending death but the browns and greens together on the same plant is wonderful to look at.

6. Paint stripping. So. Much. Paint stripping.

7. I LOVE this picture. It's ridiculous how much I love this one.

8. I know that I shouldn't take my camera into the lake but this is why I do it anyway.

9. We spread some of my sister's ashes at Gaff Point. Dear Marissa, I'm sorry we couldn't take you there before. I know you would have liked it. We will visit you often. xo forever.


June 2016

1. That hair in that light. It gets me every time I look at it.

2. Like sewing, there's always cake at our house. Thank you, Agatha.

3. If that isn't the summer sun in the form of a flower, I don't know what is.

4. A relic in the tractor graveyard.

5. Another one.

6. What doesn't show in the photograph is the feeling of the warm breeze blowing over my skin and the soft sounds of the grasses rustling.

7. The endless summer sky. At least it feels that way in July. Not so much in August.


May 2016

It would seem like May was a pretty wet month. And it very well was. It's nice to have the evidence that it did rain here at one point. May could have been the last time. I know it hasn't happened recently.

1. The view from the belvedere on an extraordinary night. I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time up there.

2. There's not much to say. I think lilypads are perfection. Rain or shine. It doesn't matter.

3. Geneva's wonderfully red boots on a bed of lush, green moss.

4. These kids got extra points for shooting in the rain and not complaining. Not once.

5. Rain, beautiful rain.

6. I didn't use a filter. Weeds and streetlamps. Sometimes that's all it takes.

7. Sewing bias tape. Because there's always sewing. (Do you recognize that one, Julia?)


April 2016

1. The light is changing, lingering longer and peeking through my window later and later.

2. The little beastie can ham it up even when she's sleeping.

3. A big birthday in our house. Huge! How did that happen so fast?

4. A beautiful present from a friend. And it wasn't even my birthday.

5. Icicles in the late evening sun. Not very many morning sun pictures. That says a lot about me.

6. Playing with colour while making pillows. Creativity for function… my favourite.

7. Delicate flowers look even more vulnerable in the snow.


The Woods

This forest is a ten minute drive from my house. I love being there. In fact, I love it so much I find it hard to leave. So why is it so hard to motivate myself to go?