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October 2016

1. The moment where summer fades into fall.

2. When the sun peeks through the dense forest canopy.

3. It looks like it walked off the set of Pan's Labryinth.

4. It's six months early but Happy Canada Day!

5. It was the last visit to the cottage for the year. And while it was warm enough to swim, kayaking and canoeing was as close as we came. Well, two of us (not naming names) involuntarily went swimming.

6. Bias binding forever. I made fancy pyjamas and a camisole and still have some leftover.

7. The only thing that beats rain rings in a puddle is when it rains so hard it covers the surface in crowns. Note to self: catch that on film.

8. I half expected the headless horseman to ride out of the fog.

9. Orange is best viewed over a clear blue sky.

10. There was a whole lot of pumpkin carving going on this year. Seven in total.

11. From left to right: Darien, Emily, Agatha, McAuley, Geneva, Me, Brad.

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