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May 2016

It would seem like May was a pretty wet month. And it very well was. It's nice to have the evidence that it did rain here at one point. May could have been the last time. I know it hasn't happened recently.

1. The view from the belvedere on an extraordinary night. I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time up there.

2. There's not much to say. I think lilypads are perfection. Rain or shine. It doesn't matter.

3. Geneva's wonderfully red boots on a bed of lush, green moss.

4. These kids got extra points for shooting in the rain and not complaining. Not once.

5. Rain, beautiful rain.

6. I didn't use a filter. Weeds and streetlamps. Sometimes that's all it takes.

7. Sewing bias tape. Because there's always sewing. (Do you recognize that one, Julia?)

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