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July 2016

1. July begins with strawberry picking. It just wouldn't be right not to include them.

2. I love that it looks like the clouds are jumping over the chimney.

3. If the clouds were putting on a show, the moon had a good seat.

4. There is a lot of possibility in a road that winds its way into the woods and disappears.

5. It's probably a sign of poor health and impending death but the browns and greens together on the same plant is wonderful to look at.

6. Paint stripping. So. Much. Paint stripping.

7. I LOVE this picture. It's ridiculous how much I love this one.

8. I know that I shouldn't take my camera into the lake but this is why I do it anyway.

9. We spread some of my sister's ashes at Gaff Point. Dear Marissa, I'm sorry we couldn't take you there before. I know you would have liked it. We will visit you often. xo forever.

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