NYC Signage

1. I didn't write this on the wall but I wish that simply finding that needle in the NYC haystack would have been enough to make it true.

2. It's always fun to watch people painting murals. Especially when it involves giant heads.

3. If I ever find myself in Brooklyn again I am going to set aside an entire day for this place. The hand-lettered sign wasn't too shabby either.

4. This is what happens after someone is forced to sift through a stack of lack lustre resumés.

5. Why? Why didn't I go in the Record room? The sign should have been enough to persuade me.

6. Nothing does great signage like time and weather. Nothing.

7. Twinkle lights make everything prettier. Especially the candy coloured ones.

8. Benny's Burritos. There is far too much to say about that one. You'll have to wait for the restaurant edition of the NYC series.

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