People often ask me what we're doing for the summer and I always say nothing. It's not that we don't do anything. We just don't have any plans. We do whatever we feel like doing whenever we feel like doing it. That's my favourite kind of summer.

It started in the traditional Canada Day style.

But there have also been late nights on the patio with friends.

And late night drives with incredible sunsets.

Solitary walks revealing hidden doorways.

And strawberry picking. Summer wouldn't be complete without it.

And endless fields that sway in the breeze.

And entire afternoons spent at the beach watching the sailboats float by.

And sandcastle competitions.

And a little treasure hunting at some yard sales.

And there was so much more. Ice cream. Swimming. Water balloon fights. Licorice. The Exhibition. Making jam. Harry Potter. Street festivals. Sourdough bread. And lots and lots of silliness. And laughter. And more silliness.

The good news is it's only half over. There is a lot more fun and silliness to be had.

The 365 Day Project continues. Only one and a half months left to go.

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