December 2016

1. Family tree hunting with my three cuties and one cutie's beau.

2. Christmas presents in the making. I couldn't find metal zippers in fun colours so I made some using ribbon.

3. I often come across the light falling through my house in a way that makes me fall in love with it all over again. This happens so often that I have a folder called "Around the House" for all of these images.

4. When the girls were little they made these little fairies from a Klutz kit. They were easy to make and so beautiful. They've been sitting in transom overlooking the kitchen since we moved into this house six years ago. With all of that dust they look like they're under some sort of spell just waiting for something to happen so they can be released.

5. Mince tarts. It was the only Christmas baking I did this year and I didn't do it until New Year's Eve.

6. The holidays can be a lot to handle. Sometimes it can konk you right out.

7. These showed up in my refrigerator at the beginning of December for no other reason than the maker thought it might be a good way to spend some time. I agree.

8. The garland is still attached to the tree in this picture but the tree was tired of holding it up and we were tired of putting it back up. Luckily the floor was up for the challenge.

9. So many of my favourite days happen when the power goes out. This time it was only out for an hour but enforced silence can be such a blessing.

10. A beautiful sunset reflected a thousand times, making a thousand beautiful sunsets.



November 2016

1. Hydrangeas are one of the reasons I look forward to fall. It's like having a piece of summer linger a little longer.

2. Some people think English Ivy is a weed. If it is, it's probably my favourite weed. Oh, and Queen Anne's Lace (Number 5). It might be a tie.

3. A new wreath for the holiday season. It's January now and it's still on my door bringing me joy every time I come home.

4. The Port Grocer in Port Medway. This alone is worth travelling to Nova Scotia for. That might be an extreme statement but if you are coming to Nova Scotia then this place is not to be missed.

5. There are more uses for marine markers than you can shake a stick at.

6. It's hard to believe these leaves are all from the same tree but they are. It's a magnificent tree at the bottom of the hill, free from powerlines and the saws of powerline workers, with a slight tilt in the trunk that gives it an undeniable grace.

7. This sort of beauty can only come from the passing of time. It can't be planned or rushed. It happens so slowly you almost can't see it.

8. If you were wondering what all the fuss in Number 4 was about… this is just one reason!

9. Speaking of weeds, this Spirea was groing wild in my yard. I moved it so I could feed it, prune it and water it. In return it rewards me with endless photographic inspiration no matter the season.

10. I find it fascinating that a reflection focuses an equal distance away from the reflective surface as the original being reflected.


October 2016

1. The moment where summer fades into fall.

2. When the sun peeks through the dense forest canopy.

3. It looks like it walked off the set of Pan's Labryinth.

4. It's six months early but Happy Canada Day!

5. It was the last visit to the cottage for the year. And while it was warm enough to swim, kayaking and canoeing was as close as we came. Well, two of us (not naming names) involuntarily went swimming.

6. Bias binding forever. I made fancy pyjamas and a camisole and still have some leftover.

7. The only thing that beats rain rings in a puddle is when it rains so hard it covers the surface in crowns. Note to self: catch that on film.

8. I half expected the headless horseman to ride out of the fog.

9. Orange is best viewed over a clear blue sky.

10. There was a whole lot of pumpkin carving going on this year. Seven in total.

11. From left to right: Darien, Emily, Agatha, McAuley, Geneva, Me, Brad.


September 2016

I don't have to take my camera out a lot and the pictures don't have to be award winners for the essence of an entire month to come through. September's collection is the perfect example.

1. Too many cucumbers make for more pickles than jars.

2. The tiniest maple leaf I ever did see.

3. According to Smidge, it's impossible to get too close.

4. Playing with pinking shears.

5. There was a sweet sixteen in the house for the second time.

6. A picture of a picture. I'll do better next time.

7. My sweet sixteen and her amazing profile.



August 2016

1. My "How to Survive 10 Days Without My Family Survival Kit": Raspberries (ones that require picking because it takes more time than just driving to the store), three books (one for entertainment, one for sewing and one for knitting... yes, that says a lot about me), and seven movies (but I didn't watch them all), and the last items required a trip to the library because that eats up more time than turning on Netflix (but I did that, too).

2. Amazing clouds reflecting in buildings you can only find in the big city.

3. The CN Tower nestled in the skyline that's never the same. More cranes!

4. Forget-Me-Nots from my fella.

5. Inspired by having other flowers in my house, I picked some calendula from my garden and some weeds from the side of the road. I call them weeds but Queen Anne's Lace is one of my all-time favourites.

6. And just like that, summer was over.